What We Do

The F.L.O.W. Project was designed to give students a clear, concise, mental picture of how their current academic performance will impact their future standard of living. We turn grade point averages, attendance records and classroom behavior into an overall salary or wage. “A” students earn as much as $100,000* per year while “D” students earn as little as $20,000. Students pay all state, local and federal taxes.

We then give students an opportunity to make financial decisions similar to the ones their parents have to make each month such as paying mortgage, car payment and basic living expenses, with consequences. This reinforces the “A” student’s current behavior and gives them a preview of how good life can be if they continue to perform well. However, it doesn’t take long for underachieving students to see that life is much more difficult with a low annual income and they are then motivated to put more effort toward their academic success.


Administrators immediately see the value in the Project because students are paid only for the days they are at work (school) so attendance is improved immediate. This address the number one challenge schools have because “You can’t teach them if they are not in class”.

At the end of the each card marking period we evaluate students progress based on their job description which is “learn everything the teacher is teaching”. This is reflected in their GPA, we can measure our success and can take immediate corrective action to help students develop strategies that will lead to success. Because the better the GPA the more income the student earns, the better their life style they become very motivated to improve their skill level.

​*No real money is used in the project.​

Our Goals

  • Get students to come to school everyday.
  • Get students to be on time to class.
  • Have students come motivated to learn.


  • Decrease the drop out rate.
  • Increase student achievement.
  • Reduce absence and tardiness.
  • Reduce disruptive behavior in the class room.
  • Increase college readiness preparation, enrollment and graduation rates.


“We are remodeling our kitchen and have been eating out for a few days. On Nov. 2 we were at the Taco Bell and Melissa’s dad asked her to get the change. The cashier gave her change and Melissa remarked, “Excuse me sir, you only gave me 11 cents and I should have gotten 17 cents back.” She caught his mistake instantly. Being in the F.L.O.W. Project has really sharpened her financial skills.”

Kathy and Mike Adams, Parents, Westside Christian Academy Detroit Michigan

"Joy Croel created an Independent Learning Project, Future Leaders of the World (F.L.O.W.) Project for her Masters’ degree, based on a program she developed using school achievement or lack thereof to teach fundamental skills about the real world. The subjects were middle and high school students in the Inkster public Schools. Her project employs a token economy approach to student motivation within the context of the classroom. Ms. Croel may have positioned herself to be at the cutting edge in terms of student motivation and parent involvement."

Kenneth C. Boatner Ed.D. MPH Professional Seminar Leader Cambridge College

"The thing I learned from F.L.O.W. is how you have to work hard to get money. In F.L.O.W. we worked hard turning in our homework, that’s our job, that what we get paid for doing."

L. Parker Student Inkster Public School District

"I love this project. My daughter needed to learn money and time management skills. Through the F.L.O.W. project she has done just that. Now she can see where our money goes and will work (study) hard to get a good job. Thank you Ms. Croel."

Mrs. Davis Parent, Inkster Public School

“We were looking for programs that really got kids involved in academic excellence. Future Leaders of the World was one of the best applications.”

Tim Pendall, Director of Community Relations and Detroit Lions Charity.(One of the F.L.O.W. Project students won a $1000 writing essay contest and 2 Detroit Lion Players for one full day)

“ As the former Principal of the Meek Elementary School in the Inkster School District, I was very impressed with the F.L.O.W. Project. Our elementary students learned how to manage their (future) financial affairs such as paying regular bills, buying a car, saving money as well as learning basic accounting skills through the opportunity to manage one of the departments in the F.L.O.W. Project (payroll and utilities departments, bank, etc.) Students began to understand the correlation between education and managing your finances. An educated individual can earn more money and make better financial decisions. Students who participated in this project showed a greater interest in classroom learning, increased school attendance and a decrease in negative student behavior. Since this project was implemented for a full year, I believe it gave the students an opportunity to receive the financial concepts as part of their daily critical thinking skills. Therefore, I would kindly recommend that you give this F.L.O.W. project for implementation a high consideration in your school.”

Mr. Manuel A. Wilson, Chief Operations Officer