Our Mission

To empower students with practical life skills, work ethics and financial literacy while simultaneously helping them to acquire and maintain full engagement in the academic learning process.

Our Purpose

The F.L.O.W. Project was designed to give students a clear, concise, mental picture of how their current academic performance will impact their future standard of living. With over one million children dropping out of school each year and the number growing daily, the problem has become epidemic.

In the F.L.O.W. Project we help students make the connection between what we are asking them to learn and real life, by showing them in a very practical way the value of their education and the lifestyle it can provide, how their current work habits will impact their lifestyle and how to improve their future by developing certain habits today.

It is a great “reality check” in the sense that it serves as an academic encouragement tool and provides experiences otherwise not available until the consequences are detrimental.
 All this while meeting many of the core curriculum assesment benchmarks in Language Arts, Math and Social Studies.